How to get around Gamstop

If you are looking for a way to gamble while under Gamstop restriction, here is an article for you. Nonetheless, it is crucial to note that this programme is beneficial as it protects gamblers from addiction. But it can have stringent restrictions that can make it hard for you to get back to gambling for real money.

Creating accounts with gambling operators who do not use Gamstop is a simple way to get around this programme’s restrictions. If you use any of the casinos or bookies on our list, you can play games or bet when you feel ready during a self-exclusion period.

This guide provides you with a wide variety of solutions, such as the use of VPN services, betting on land-based casinos, and a lot more. Read on to learn how to cancel Gamstop.

What is Gamstop?

Gamstop is a service that allows people who have lost control of their gambling activities to self-exclude from online gambling sites. As long as the restriction is active, one can’t access any gambling site. This significantly protects people from problem gambling.

The majority of gambling websites situated in the United Kingdom are participants in the Gamstop programme. In fact, the service was established in collaboration with the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC).

It is not mandatory for gamblers to use Gamstop services. You need to sign up for the service and state the self-exclusion period before it can take effect.

How does Gamstop work?

Many gamers find value in the straightforward nature of the service that Gamstop provides. But that isn’t always the case for everyone. Some people who sign up may wish to change the action when they feel ready. However, the service will effectively prevent them from accessing any gambling websites that are part of the programme when the self-exclusion period has not expired. If this is your case, you may have a hard time getting back to gambling regardless of how ready you feel.

The length of the self-exclusion scheme is the primary concern in this situation. Most of the time, it’s usually three months, one year, or even five years at a time. These choices are considered too lengthy by the majority of individuals.

Before we go any further, we would want to point out that all strategies discussed in this article are legal. But the only people who should use them are those who have gone through the required steps to regain their control over gambling. Punters who accidentally signed up for Gamstop and can’t solve it are also the target audience for these strategies. People who are still addicted or have not completed treatment are likely to relapse if they use these strategies.

If you feel you have a problem with gambling, it is important to seek assistance from loved ones and the appropriate organizations.

The pros and cons of Gamstop

Gamstop was created to promote responsible gambling. However, the service has both advantages and disadvantages. They include:



Use a MGA casino to get around Gamstop easily

How to get around Gamstop betting on online sites

Use online gambling sites that don’t have Gamstop

Joining websites that are not part of the Gamstop plan is the quickest and easiest way to circumvent the system. Only gambling sites with a licence from the UKGC are allowed to join Gamstop. This means that there are many gambling websites that are not covered by Gamstop. For instance, Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) casinos don’t have Gamstop. These sites are licensed and regulated. The only thing is that they haven’t partnered with Gamstop.
Read more about MGA casinos here.

Joining one of the several legal gaming sites that are not part of the Gamstop programme is, therefore, the easiest approach to getting past this system. You can join any of the many reliable online bookmakers, lottery platforms, and bingo sites that are not part of the Gamstop programme at any time.

Bet on offshore websites

Since they are based in other countries, offshore gambling websites are not subject to your jurisdiction’s laws. Most significantly, they are not required to sign up for an account with Gamstop. It is natural for some players to have reservations about signing up for accounts at offshore gambling sites.

Nevertheless, you should be aware that many offshore gambling sites possess legitimate licences. Because of this, they are completely risk-free for gamblers to utilize. In addition, it will help to work with an offshore site that proves to follow the regulations set in its jurisdiction.

However, if you want to begin searching for high-quality offshore gambling sites, you will first need to hunt for sites that allow players from the UK since many of these sites do not allow them. This could be because they can’t follow the rules for gambling in the UK or because they want to focus on other markets.

Join crypto casinos

You also have the option of using ‘no verification’ gambling sites or Bitcoin casinos if you don’t want to use offshore casinos for any reason.

These websites are gaining popularity on a daily basis. They offer a great gambling experience for anyone who wants to play or gamble in a safe, secure, and private environment.

Several crypto gambling sites are also licensed by reputable bodies. This means that they follow strict rules to provide credible services. Thus, despite having top-notch anonymity, they are legitimate and trustworthy.

Of course, you will be required to use Bitcoin as a form of payment at these casinos. However, this should not be a problem for you because it is easier to get a Bitcoin account. Also, it is simple to use this payment method.

In addition to this, Bitcoin casinos and traditional payment methods have very few distinguishing characteristics. Most of the things are the same, except the mode of payment. You will still be able to play a lot of high-quality games made by well-known software companies, take advantage of decent bonuses and special offers, and do a lot more.

Use different information when registering

When signing up for new gambling sites, one of the methods that some people employ to get around Gamstop is using different information. It goes without saying that you can’t join a gaming website that is regulated by the UKGC by providing false information. Not only would it be against the law, but it also wouldn’t achieve the desired results. If any of the information you provide is wrong, the website will not take your application into account.

This solution requires some creativity on your part. You can subtly change certain essential personal information so that Gamstop’s system does not recognise it. For instance, you can write your name differently. You can write Jenifa, instead of Jeniffer. This will be considered a simple typo, and not a breach of the given terms. Also, if you previously used your first name and surname, you can now use your first and middle names. In addition, if you have a second phone number, you can use it.

However, this is just a temporary solution. This is because UKGC betting sites have advanced security tools. Thus, they will find you out soon and close the account. Luckily, by the time they do, you may have had enough time of fun.

Request assistance from a relative or a close friend

The vast majority of gamblers use this strategy because it is both simple and very successful. To sign up, all you have to do is use the information from another person. The best course of action would be to get assistance from either a family member or a close friend.

Because you will have to utilise a payment system that is under their name, you will have to depend on them during transactions. You won’t be allowed to use your e-wallet or credit card because gambling websites require clients’ payment info to match that used during registration. This is why it’s better to use the details of someone close to you.

Use a Virtual Private Network (VPN)

At times, Gamstop usually requests to access users’ locations or device IP addresses. Consequently, in addition to not being able to access gambling websites with your details, you may also not do so with your device. If this is your case, consider using a virtual network provider (VPN). This service does a good job of masking your IP address. It will instead display the address of a chosen IP address.

The VPN also functions as a safe network that keeps users protected while using the internet. People all over the world often use it to get around geo-restricted content. Therefore, you can also use it to sign up to gambling sites that restrict Gamstop users.

VPN works well to get around Gamstop on casinos

If you want to use a proxy in conjunction with a VPN of your choosing, the whole process ought to be a lot simpler for you. However, in most situations, using a VPN is more than adequate for people who are looking for answers on how to remove Gamstop.

If you decide to use a VPN, choose a reputable service like NordVPN, TunnelBear VPN, or Express VPN. Those are only a few of the most well-known companies operating in this industry. But there are numerous VPN services on the market today that are of very high quality. Thus, you should do research to find one that works for you.

Go to a land-based casino

If you are prohibited from using online gambling sites, you have the option to bet at land-based casinos. Gamstop doesn’t cover these places. Land-based casinos are covered by the SENSE self-exclusion programme. If you are not part of this scheme, you should be allowed to enter a casino and bet. You will be asked to present some type of identification to be allowed to get into a casino.

However, there can be a possibility, although a remote one, that a land-based casino you choose to visit is compliant with the Gambling Act of 2005. If such is the case, Gamstop will have provided the venue with your ID. Thus, you won’t be allowed to access the premises.

Bet with betting sites that don’t verify your identity

You will find that among the many non-UKGC bookies that can help you get around Gamstop, there are a few that do not require you to verify your identity. The only time a Know Your Customer (KYC) check will be required is when making your first withdrawal. And in that point, you can use a payment method that is renowned for anonymity, such as cryptocurrencies.

However, this tip can be contradicting. Even though some sites that don’t verify identity are legit, others can be a scam. For this reason, it will be best to go through online reviews of your chosen site to learn about the experiences of other people.

Wait till the self-exclusion period is over before removing Gamstop

If you can wait until the time of self-exclusion that you had set is over, the better. As soon as it does, you will be able to participate in any legal gambling activity. After the first self-exclusion term has come to an end, you can either remove yourself from the programme or prolong the exclusion period, depending on how ready you believe you are. If you still have doubts, it is safer to extend.

Reasons to go around Gamstop

So, why should you go around Gamstop? Here are a few reasons why you would want to do so:

An opportunity to locate outstanding bookmakers

Possibly, this is the most apparent reason. Going around Gamstop will bring you to researching a wide array of interesting bookmarkers. You will discover that there are more decent bonuses and odds outside the sites you have been using.

Get away from UKGC constraints.

While the UKGC has worked diligently to provide a secure betting atmosphere, it has also introduced several limitations. When you sign up with non-UKGC sites, you will no longer face such restrictions.

To have fun

Betting is all about enjoyment. Thus, having a multitude of rules and constraints significantly defeats this. Using offshore gambling sites instead of UK bookmakers is a good way to have fun as most of them do not employ strict measures. However, ensure that you sign u with a legitimate site.

What are the disadvantages of evading Gamstop?

If you have chosen non-UK bookies over those licensed by the UKGC, you should be aware that you may encounter obstacles. These are examples:

It will be tough to settle disputes.

Since you won’t be protected by the UKGC when you sign up with an offshore site, it can be difficult to get the appropriate assistance in the event of a dispute. This can be challenging, especially if you have an issue with transactions.


Since sites that offer the Gamstop services are licensed and regulated by UKGC, they are usually reliable. They have advanced security solutions, an extensive range of payment providers, numerous sports markers/casino games, and bet options, among others. Unfortunately, sites not covered by Gamstop may not be this reliable. The less experience your chosen site is, the higher the chances of unreliability.

Unreliable customer support

This is another factor that may annoy you. The chances are you are be used to receiving excellent customer service from UK bookies, but this may not be the case with non-Gamstop sportsbooks.

Responsible gambling according to Gamstop

Gamstop provides users with the option to self-exclude, allowing anybody in the United Kingdom to effortlessly add their name and have their betting accounts temporarily deleted. Remember that the plan only works for betting and gaming sites that are registered with the UKGC and are under its control.

Operators of sites licensed by the UKGC are expected to sign up regularly for Gamstop’s self-exclusion service. This way, any player who signs up with Gamstop can have their account closed right away.

This implies that players will not have access to their locked accounts on any site or operator. In addition, they will be prohibited from registering with other casinos in the future.

Remember that this is a no-cost service that you may use anytime you like. If you don’t believe you have a gambling addiction, you don’t need to sign up with Gamstop. Depending on how severe you believe your gambling problem is, you can choose to be banned for six months, one year, or five years if you join Gamstop and get evaluated.

However, if you don’t want to use Gamstop, but want a break from gambling, use the tools provided by your chosen casino. This includes deposits, bets, losses, and limits. You can also request the casino to remind you of the time you have spent on the platform. These personal limits can keep you in check, protecting you from problem gambling.


The strategies discussed in this guide can enable you to get around Gamstop legally. They will also allow you to keep playing your favourite games without strict restrictions. You should find success with at least one of these strategies, if not all of them.

If you have a problem with gambling, it is in your best interest to get counseling and avoid gambling altogether. On the other hand, if you are certain that you do not need Gamstop any longer, you can employ one of the ways that are outlined in this article. We thoroughly examined each of them to ensure they were practical and legal. All you have to do is follow our instructions, and you are free from Gamstop restrictions!


Is it possible for to bypass Gamstop?

How to cancel Gamstop after the process of self-exclusion has already been initiated is an impossible subject. However, if you follow the above-mentioned steps, you will find solutions to how to bypass Gamstop. Go through all of them and choose one that works for you.

How much time does it take to withdraw from Gamstop?

It takes 24 hours after your self-exclusion period has ended for Gamstop to end. If this does not happen automatically, you will need to contact support via email, live chat, or on their website to help you.

Are all casinos in the UK represented on Gamstop?

No. There are some casinos in the United Kingdom that are not listed on Gamstop. You can tell this by visiting a casino’s website. Click “Responsible gambling/gaming” to check if Gamstop is part of their policy.

What is the most effective way to avoid Gamstop?

There are several techniques to circumvent self-exclusion. Choose the one with which you are most comfortable. For example, if you value anonymity, you can use crypto casinos. If you don’t mind signing up with offshores sites, go with this tip, and so on. However, ensure that you observe the rules of your new chosen casino.

Is it risk-free to ignore GamStop?

Yes. It is risk free to go around Gamstop. However, you need to use legal methods. For example, you should not open an account with a gambling website using false information or someone; else’s details without their consent. The strategies discussed in this guide are well-researched and do not have legal risks.

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