Casino without Swedish license

Sometimes we overlook the fact that there are actually some casinos that allow fair play and transparency. At times, there are even more perks and downsides in unlicensed casinos than that in some licensed ones. Let’s look at some points.

Can a casino without Swedish license operate?

Yes, casinos can operate without a Swedish license. If it does, it surely is an online casino. This type of platform is not illegal. It’s just that it does not only operate in Sweden. It can operate as long as you are able to access the site.

We all know that operating a casino, may it be online or land-based, needs to be licensed otherwise it may face ramifications from a country’s gambling authority. Therefore, if it does not have a license to operate in a particular country, that means that country doesn’t regulate it.

You’ll see the differences once you browse online. There are websites that give you the idea that casinos without Swedish licenses offer more benefits to players. On the contrary, some talk about perks coming from those that have licenses.

Well, it’s just a matter of thinking about where you are located. Likewise, you’d also like to consider how you can take advantage of what others have been enjoying, right? So, let’s take into consideration the differences they have.

Casino without Swedish License versus Casino with a Swedish License

There are always pros and cons or two sides to a coin. What could be a better deal for some, may not be for others. So, let’s dig deeper into the differences between these two types of casinos.

Casino with a Swedish License

Here, bonuses are available only once a new player places the first deposit. So, if that player collects a bonus from one of the gambling sites operating under a particular license, he is no longer eligible to collect any from a new casino.

Casino without Swedish License

Players in a casino without Swedish license are not protected by the laws of Sweden. Nevertheless, as you can see, they can get more bonuses and promos compared to those with Swedish licenses.

A casino without Swedish license can offer more to Swedish players

A casino under this category has a variety of bonuses and offers them to both existing and new players. Players can collect multiple bonuses from different casino sites without having to worry about anything at all. Thus, it is easier to receive casino bonuses. What’s more, they can play longer on the site.

With this information, you already have a hint about which one you’d like to choose. Look at the perks and see if there’s something you want.

Read all about every casino without Swedish license here.

What is Spelpaus?

Spelpaus refers to a gaming break. This is another point that separates unlicensed and licensed Swedish casinos. It blocks players temporarily from playing at a casino. To point out further, it is an option that players can activate if they want to have a gaming break. In other words, it works very much like Gamstop.

Even though this could help other players cut down on their gambling addiction, there’s a downside to this tool. Once a player shuts himself down, he won’t be allowed to play other games as well. This is one thing that players who utilize this tool regret doing so.

A service in itself, Spelpaus is only available in licensed casinos. As part of the Gaming Act of 2019, all gaming operators in Sweden have to abide by this suspension system, thereby offering it to all visitors of any gambling site.

Best online casinos without Spelpaus

Here are some casinos where you can enjoy no gaming breaks:

How to Choose a Casino Without Swedish License

By now, some of you must be pondering how to pick the right casino for yourself. Especially for those who are leaning toward a casino without Swedish license, this stage is very crucial. Options abound, so you’ll meet a lot of challenges ahead if you’re not good at decision-making. We can make it simple for you then.

Reading reviews about a casino plus learning how it works, and what it offers should be first on your list. Aside from that, we have compiled a list of other essential factors you may want to learn about.


Every casino has a permit to operate and that includes those that don’t have Swedish licenses. There are many casinos that were licensed by gaming authorities of countries like Curacao, Malta, and other countries outside the European Union. We list all MGA casinos here.

Game Varieties

It’s important to know if there is an assortment of games available in a casino you’re eyeing at. You may want to see some classics or the new generation favourites. Once there is a lack of game variety, you’re just wasting time and money. Check out the game developers involved. Are they reputable enough?


There are going to be some problems while playing at a casino. Who says there will never be any? To be sure you’ll get the support you need. Take a look at the customer support section and see if you are able to contact them by phone, email, or live chat. Is there a time limit to answering queries?

Payment options

Depositing and withdrawing money while you’re playing at online casinos is a normal thing. To make things easy for you, check on the banking and payment options allowed at the site. Don’t leave it for later because before you know it, your money can get lost.

There are instances where the site is not accepting methods like e-wallets. Many online casinos are now accepting cryptocurrencies. Just double-check this, so you’ll not miss a beat. As a rule, check this out first, or you stand to lose big. By the way, even an online casino without Swedish license accepts crypto payments.

An excellent online gaming platform should have a fast withdrawal system. This is also another point you must not forget. Take note of the speed in transferring money to your account. If you’re up to waiting until the end of the world to claim your winnings, well, that’s all right. Nonetheless, we know you’re not that kind of person. Hence, check the site’s withdrawal policy prior to making your first bet.

Bonus Offers at Casinos Without Swedish License

Unlicensed Swedish casinos provide unlimited bonuses. This is an excellent way to increase your winning opportunities Below is a list of common bonuses they offer.

Welcome Bonuses

These bonuses are a welcome idea for players. Who doesn’t like them? Unlicensed casinos are usually generous and welcome bonuses could be a lot. This further motivates players to indulge in a website that provides perks such as this.

No Deposit Bonus

Casinos that think about having long-term playing relationships with their users offer no deposit bonuses. This is like startup capital that you can use without having to shell out any amount.

Free Spins

These, in general, are awarded as part of welcome bonus packages. Free spins may be given together with a VIP bonus, reload, or promotion. There are a number of spins allowed every time you’re awarded this perk.


This bonus makes you earn some amount of your lost money back. If ever you ran out of luck, a cashback bonus can come in handy. This can help you in cutting off your losses. This type of bonus cannot be found at licensed online casinos.

Reload bonus

Another distinctive advantage when playing at a casino without Swedish license is the opportunity to earn reload bonuses on a regular basis. Once you put more money into your account, you’ll gain an amount that can make you go further in your gaming journey.

VIP and Loyalty bonus

Loyalty and VIP bonuses are most common at a casino without Swedish license. These special bonuses are reserved for a casino’s loyal and most valuable players. A casino can offer you a higher deposit and/or withdrawal limit to exclusive offers. It could also give out invitations that require exclusive VIP guests.

Taking responsibility

After what we have discussed, you are now on your way to selecting the best casino to play on. Just the same, you still have to learn how much money you need to use for this hobby. If you think that it is already going beyond a hobby, learn how to stop. You can’t go on and lose so much thinking that you’ll still win in the end.

Always remember that lady luck doesn’t ride on your shoulders all the time. She might be on another player’s shoulder the time you’re losing so much money. Therefore, get your act together and put a limit on whatever you do so that next time, you can go back and play again at any casino without Swedish license.

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